Footwear – bring a rugged pair of sandals like Keen and forget about trainers and socks. Your feet will appreciate it. However, you will still need some warm clothes for evenings as temperatures drop after sunset.

Split is very nice in the old town – the palace. We stayed in the palace and they had lovely bars and restaurants around. Dvor served us a lovely but pricy dinner however, service was 5* and food was too nice, let me not forget the view as well. I had the best fish of my life here.
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Definitely must go for a night swim under the restaurant after dinner.

Small bakeries do very nice snacks so don’t be fooled by the low price. It is cheap in Croatia

Another fantastic place to eat is Konoba Varos. If the weather allows, sit outside to avoid the smell of cooking. All food is very tasty and authentic. Shopska salata and deep-fried calamari with garlic mayo are great starters. Don’t drink imported wine because the house wine is unique everywhere and the one I had was a very good red. If you like fish but don’t mind the ugly ones (I had nightmares after looking at it), the John Dory is a good choice for 2.

The krka national park was lovely on a sunny day. I swam in the lake in see the waterfall like a fish but get your strongest any tourist pills and it was like there is no tomorrow.

The currency really confused me here since after brexit £1=8.3 kuna but before that it was 1=10. I think it’s very cheap but also encourages me to spend more easier.

The ferry is very good with fresh coffee and donuts on board. It makes me feel like I’m in a cruise but after Krka and all people there, not sure I can do it. I wish I had a face mask to filter all the germs. Thank god I have my noise cancelling headphones and I can zone out in my little world for the next 30 minutes.

The view from the ferry is nice. It looks like you are in a lake and there are mountains everywhere except it’s he Adriatic sea and its Croatian islands all around. I wish I could compare it to something but I need to travel more.

On the fourth day I had some cold or flu symptoms but chemists here are full of good stuff they you cannot find in England. I just hope I survive the day and it’s not the zika virus and I can finish writing this blog. It’s either going to be me dead from an exotic virus or you from boredom reading this.  There are tourist from around the world here so it could be anything.

Peace and quiet in Milna on the island Brac but one day is enough. No music in the restrictions either. No wi-fi here. The sea water is also as quiet and crystal clear.

I survived and ready for adventure. It’s sunny and the water is amazing. Going to Korcula on the ferry which takes 2 hours. Seats on the upper deck give you a titanic kind of experience and a good photo shoot opportunity.

Omg! Korcula is gorgeous. The old town is small enough to walk around and the shady streets provide cool air for a walk. Food is good everywhere and prices are low. We started with a submarine tour of the area around the island which was amazing.

The old town is circular and the funny thing is that you can see the same people a few times a day. There are no cars in the old town making it safe for kids and walking. Food is good everywhere but Maksimilian gardens and Filippi really spoiled us. We stayed in a house at the front in the old town and it was too convenient for everything we had planned.

Departing from Korcula to Mjlet the ferry was 2 hours late as the engine had broken down but the weather was nice and I didn’t mind it. Advice – do not rely on it if you must catch a flight or you are on a tight schedule.

On the island, you have to pay 100 kuna every time you enter the park. We took bikes and cycled all day. Make sure you swim in the lakes as it is great fun but mind the fish as they nibble you at every opportunity they get. One problem is that the ticket for the park included a ferry to the monastery but you can’t take the bike on the ferry and there is nowhere to lock it so we ended up not going to the monastery island. It looks like they take you money but none of it gets invested back into anything.

In our village Polace, we tried a kayak but the guy renting them was very rude and careless and didn’t want to give us any instructions how to ride it or use it so we ended up with injuries and arguments but if you know your stuff it would be a very nice experience. We ended up on the beach after that which was a lot nicer.

The beach at Polace was shallow and full of live. We saw fish as big as a bag pack and a couple of octopus.

The beach at Pomena is even nicer as you can see here.


Forget about Dubrovnik during the day – too many of us! Go for dinner and explore after.

Don’t t bother with taxis as they will overcharge you if you don’t speak a Slavic language but Uber is reasonable.